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Divergent Adaptive Production System

Our system enables volume manufacturing of advanced,
lightweight structures without expensive tooling investment

  • Replaces conventional vehicle architecture, tooling and related factory assets with a proprietary, patented, end-to-end system for vehicle design and engineering, volume manufacturing and assembly
  • Creates a new architecture based on computer-driven optimization and additive manufacturing that evolves space frame into a significantly lighter, higher performance, safer, and lower cost vehicle structure
  • Automates the design, manufacture and assembly of complex structures using Non-Design Specific Software, Additive Manufacturing and Robotic Assembly – the same system can be used for a wide-range of automotive, aerospace and other applications
  • Dramatically improves the profitability and cash flow of the world’s largest manufacturing industries
  • Radically reduces lifecycle environmental impact by optimizing total vehicle “cradle-to-cradle” efficiency
  • Drives convergence of software and hardware product cycles for increased innovation